In comparison to the previous week, it can be seen that you will be less busy and also more relaxed in the tasks you will be doing. Be careful of negative energy and discord appearing in your workplace due to several factors which will be beyond your control. You will want to make everything work again with positivity, but be careful of spending too much energy on this.

The position of Venus suggests mostly pleasant happenings in your life but also that you will be told a secret by a very close friend. The end of the week will also bring notable travel which will be undertaken for personal reasons.



Still being preoccupied with the future actions in your professional life, you should be careful not to miss any opportunities in the present. Be more observant and especially be careful of sudden possibilities for short term investments which are to be seen from the position of Jupiter. The ending part of the week will also bring a return to your past in regards to your professional commitments.

You are in for a very active week in terms of your personal life. You will seem to stumble upon like-minded people especially during the middle of the week. This will produce significant discussions which might change some of your long-held opinions.



The position of Jupiter is still very suitable for thinking in a long-term way in terms of your career. You should try to make the best of this. Expect good support from the people around you also. The middle of the week will also bring a sudden, unexpected happening which might serve as a wakeup call in a way for you.

Where your personal life in concerned, you will travel less than in the previous week. However, expect more disagreements from the people around you especially about your time devotion to the professional life. People might even accuse you of being a careerist.



The work in your professional life will still be rather intense, but you will find a way to lessen the stresses put on you despite the rather hectic work tempo. The middle of the week will also bring a notable request made towards you in your professional life. This request will be rather challenging for you, as you feel that you are asked just for your reaction to be assessed.

Your personal life will bring more dynamism in comparison to the previous week. People will seem more understanding and more open with you. The position of Venus does also suggest that an increase in the activity in your romantic life is likely.



The professional life will bring more sedate happenings. However, the time will be suitable for making professional moves with long-term consequences. Luck will follow you, and you should not shy away from optimistic expectations. The week will also bring slow but sure progress in a major, long-term professional project which will bring you renown.

Your personal life will bring more changes in comparison to the previous week. People will seem to follow your moves much more carefully to the point of you getting a feeling of being supervised unfairly. This will especially be notable in the start of the week.



The next week will bring a more positive, enjoyable mood in regards to the professional life and your current plans. You will see chance for putting your plans in practice, but be careful of making this public. For now, it will be best if you work in silence judging by the position of Mercury and Jupiter. People might also seem suspicious in an unfair manner about recent dealings but you should not be concerned about this.

Personally, you will be rather relaxed knowing that your desires will be fulfilled soon. You will come to this realization independently, but your satisfaction and positivity will be obvious to all around you.



As the week starts, the stress and the pressure which was the hallmark of the past times will ease down. You will be free to state your opinions once again, and you will have the time and patience to help your work colleagues that are less experienced than you. From the middle of the week, an unexpected occurrence at your workplace will work in your favor. You should try to make good use of this.

Things will be easier in your personal life in comparison to the previous week. You will be rather inclined to follow your inner voice on what is right for you, and you might reject outside advice.



The dynamic happenings in your professional life typical for the past week will become more stale and less dynamic. You will fall back into routine actions and tasks which will not keep you happy or satisfied for long. It will take some extra effort on your part to create an environment in which you feel challenged and satisfied.

The rather pleasant social activities in your personal life will continue in the next week also. You will meet a lot of new faces, and it’s likely that you will make at least one very important social contact which will be thought provoking.



Things in your professional life will bring steady but significant progress towards your goals. The support from the people that matter at your workplace will still be there, and you will enjoy knowing this. Be careful of some people being envious of your apparent success and drive towards higher career positions. This is to be seen from the position of Mars and Saturn, which is notable especially during the start of the week.

Personally you will be strongly convinced in the rightness of your ways, and you might even be unapologetic. Romantically, things will be rather positive as there is a strong opportunity for meeting new interesting people.



As the position of Jupiter has not changed significantly from the previous week, there will still be notable interest in your work. You will be offered a great deal, but choose your dealing carefully. The week will also see the introduction of a new method of generating income with your work. It is likely that you will be successful with this method, but you should be less certain of the promises that will be thrown at you by others.

In contrast to the previous week, things will pick up pace in your personal life. This will be rather welcomed by you as you would be longing for more activity in your personal life, simply as a way to complement the rather active nature of your professional life.



The next week will bring slow but notable progress towards your goals in your professional life. You might feel as if things are moving way too slowly, but rest assured given the position of Jupiter, you are making progress. You might start to question your overall direction, however, and the next week will bring some suspicions about whether you had chosen the right path towards your goals.

The feelings of rediscovery will be the hallmark of your personal life in the next week. You might start to look in a different way in regards to dealings with issues from your past. You might indeed find new solutions while being eager to put them into practice.



In contrast to the previous week, things will dwindle down in the professional life. It is as if people will finally realize that you need rest from your tasks. Quite taken by the relaxing mood at your workplace, you will use your spared energy into finding new arrangements which will work for you in the long run in your professional life.

In contrast to the previous week, things in the personal life will intensify, and you will likely travel a lot for personal reasons and leisure. You will also be asked for a big favor by a person who is not a close friend towards the end of the week.