Being strongly under the influence of the positive happenings in your professional life in the past week, you will be willing to enter into new arrangements and make significant changes in your workplace. People will be mostly approving of these changes, and you will have the support from the people whose opinions matter most to you. Generally, you are in for one of the best working weeks of this year.

In line with the happenings in your professional life, your personal life will bring positive changes especially in the way people perceive your actions. You will be seen in a fairer light without people’s perception being colored with prejudice.



Things will be rather positive in your professional life. There will be a flurry of activities sometimes to the limit of your energy levels. Nevertheless, you will feel motivated to continue. The whole period will be one of notable importance for your professional life. Due to this, you should give it all you got in upcoming projects.

Given the level of activity that will happen in your professional life, you will have little time and energy left for your personal life. Despite this, you will have the chance to meet a very interesting person in middle of the week. Given the position of Mercury, a long lasting friendship with them is likely.



In contrast to the previous week, things will dwindle down in your professional life. It is as if people will finally realize that you need rest from your tasks. Quite taken by the relaxing mood at your work place, you will use your time for finding new arrangements which will work for you in the long run in your professional life.

In contrast to the previous week, things in your personal life will intensify, and you will likely travel a lot for personal reasons and leisure. It is likely that you will also be asked for a big favor by a person who is not a close friend towards the end of the week.



Things will slowly come to the usual level of activity in your professional life. You will again be tasked with the usual things to the point of boredom. You however should be careful of being a bit too impatient judging by the position that Mars has taken. Your patience will be strongly rewarded, and this will be evident to you in a short period of time.

In your personal life, things will slowly return to normal after the previous week’s social excursions. You will be happy about the development of the relationship with a person who you admire greatly. They will move closer to you in manner which will please you greatly.



Things will be less stable in your professional life than in the previous week. You will not have the support of the past week, and you should make your decisions carefully. You should also moderate your spending and avoid risky investments. By the end of the week, you will be more relaxed with your finances and earnings, and it seems that things will become more positive again.

The wished for stability in your personal life will manifest itself during the upcoming week. Someone around you will finally learn that they should not be close to you all the time. Indeed they will learn that you can take care of yourself just fine.



Feeling as if you are making career history, you will give everything that you have in terms of energy and commitment. Everything that you will do will seem to be monumental in terms of its significance for your career. The people around you will generally go with your ideas and get along judging by the position of Jupiter.

Your personal life will be for the most part rather pleasant, as you will have the understanding of people around you for your actions. You will simply not be questioned so much as in the past. The end of the week will also bring a notable deepening of an existing friendship.



Dealing with the challenging situations in your professional life will leave you filled with confidence. This will even be more boosted by the apparent recognition and appraisement of the work you will be doing. The next week will also be suitable for putting forward any bold ideas about your work and workplace. Such ideas are likely to be accepted in your work environment.

Not being challenged enough by the moderate levels of activity in your professional life, you will be looking for an outlet for your energy in the personal life. You will likely try take a more leading role in your social relations also especially in the latter part of the week.



The level of activity in your professional life will still be much higher than usual. You will have however the energy needed to deal with it. The positions of Jupiter and Saturn interact in a way which suggest that you will pioneer something new and novel in relation to your work. This will likely be noticed by the superiors in your workplace, so increase in your professional recognition is likely.

Things will be rather calm in your personal life. You will not however feel bored as you will be busy with the massive amount of stuff going on in your professional life. Don’t forget leisure time, however, as there is danger of becoming gradually overworked.



After the lull of activity in your professional life in the previous week, you will be tasked far more in the upcoming one. You will also be required to do things far from your field of expertise, which will frustrate and annoy you, but nevertheless you will be able to finish your tasks. The middle of the week will bring an easing up of the pressure put upon you. You will have more freedom to choose your tasks, and you might move away from the things causing you frustration.

The very dynamic times in your personal life will continue in the next week also. You will be happy to have the understanding of a notable person in your personal life.



Your professional life will bring about a few surprises. People will not seem to be strongly moved into following your ideas at your workplace. Despite this, by using your natural diplomatic and communicating skills, you will be able to turn around your fortunes by the end of the week. The week will also see a long awaited event pass by with less fanfare than expected.

Your personal life will see the use of your communication abilities to a higher level than ever before. A short, but very monumental event will be a lesson for you, a wakeup call in a way. You will be eager to have your say especially in regards to a person from your everyday social environment.



The rampant dynamism in your professional life characteristic of the previous week will slowly dwindle as you will be drawn back to ordinary and even boring duties. This will not be enjoyed by you. Still, however, you will find a way to enjoy your professional tasks, and you will perform them dutifully. The very end of the week may bring some small monetary gain of short term character.

Your personal life will bring renewed interest into spirituality, as you will look for ways to find spiritual significance in the events that had unfolded recently in your life. You will also be engaged into expanding your spiritual understanding about your immediate environment.



Still feeling quite positive due to the pleasant happenings in your professional life in the past week, you will feel eager to move on with the challenges that lay in front of you. The middle of the week will also bring notable travel which will expand your views on the current issues that you face in your professional life and your career in general.

Your personal life will be characterized with less activity in comparison with the previous week. You will readily welcome this as it will bring notable relaxation. The end of this week will also leave you feeling rather energetic, given the position Mars assumes.