The next week will bring increased level of activities in your professional life and career. Very likely your leadership abilities will be put to good use, and others will value your input and new ideas.. It is likely that they will be accepted without much difficulty. This is to be seen from the positions of both Jupiter and Saturn.

In your personal life, you will be glad to know that someone will regain trust in your actions once more. You will be judged in a more balanced manner.



After the changing nature in your professional life in the past week, things will finally begin to slow down. You will have a lot more time to reconsider your future moves as things will be very static at your workplace, perhaps even bordering on boredom. Nevertheless, your professional expertise and especially professional knowledge will still be highly regarded, which will provide you with a big boost in your confidence.

In your personal life, the innate social skills that you possess will be put to good use as you will be meeting a lot of new faces. New developments in the romantic domain are also likely, given the position of Venus.



In your professional life, people will be less likely to critique you in negative way, which will mean a lot to you. You should also try to put large plans in motion (if you have them) during the next week, as the positions of Jupiter and Saturn are very suitable for this. Expect a lot of support also like you rarely have had in the past.

Your personal life will bring a lot of traveling similar to the past week. Many, short-term travels are likely, which will be due to your own personal reasons. The end of the week will see the happening of an informal agreement between you and another person - an experience from which you should draw a valuable lesson.



The high level of activity in your professional life will also continue in the upcoming week. You will be happy to know that people will be able to finally understand your ideas, which were likely seen as being off-beat in the past. Nevertheless, you should be able to push your ideas through without much difficulty. Be careful, however, of being seen as not being enough of a team player.

The quite harmonious happenings from the previous week will in a way repeat themselves in the next one. You will simply have the understanding of the people around you, and you will be so glad about this especially towards the middle of the week.



Your professional life will bring a long-awaited lessening of activities. You will be relieved of a number of tedious tasks in your workplace, much to your satisfaction. This will give you a chance to start up new projects you’ve been eager to kick into gear.

Things will start to move again in your personal life after the calm of the previous week. Judging from the position of Venus, you will be a part of many social gatherings during the next week. People will simply adore your presence.



The position of Saturn does speak of you having a large number of opportunities ahead of you in your professional life that will happen during the upcoming week. This should be used by you to the max, and you need not to fear about your work colleagues seeing you as being a bit overzealous in your attempts.

Your personal life will bring less activity than in the past week, but you will still be rather engaged socially. Many social activities are likely to occur, and given the position of Mercury, notable travel is likely to occur in relation to your personal life.



The professional life will see more activity than in the past week, and the requests made for you at your workplace will increase noticeably. People will be much less observant of your need for rest and might simply see you as a way to reach their goals. This might frustrate you greatly, and it might even escalate to a minor conflict by the end of the week if you’re not careful.

The week that comes will be rather important, as it will be the time frame for some pivotal moments in your personal life. Some long-standing issues might be solved in a positive manner which will please you greatly.



The change of the position of Saturn will bring more activity in your professional life in contrast to previous week, and it can be said that you will be rather busy trying to perform up to the level of your management’s expectations. This will be especially prominent near the end of the week due to the ever stronger influence of the position of Jupiter.

The following week will bring more excitement in your personal life, as your social activities will increase to a much greater level than before. The presence of your company will be sought after, and this will provide you with a notable ego boost.



Your professional life will be characterized with more activity in comparison to the previous week. You will be pushed more by your superiors also, and they will have little regard for your energy levels. Due to this, it’s not surprising that you will be feeling tired by the end of the week. The position of Mercury and of Saturn also speaks of a notable business deal being made in the middle of the week.

Your personal life will be notable for your continuous efforts aimed at getting the attention of another person in your vicinity. This is shown by the positions of the moon and Venus.



The easy, even relaxing times in your professional life typical of the previous week, will repeat themselves in the next week also. You will have little to do, and your mood might even be on the verge of boredom. Take this time to work on projects you’ve had to set aside during more demanding times.

In your personal life, you will be rather thrilled to learn that people will finally understand your recent actions in the way you intended. This will be especially notable by the end of the week.



The amount of activities in your professional life will lessen in comparison to recent times. You will be rather pleased with this change as it will allow you to be more or less free with the things you will be doing at your workplace. If you have any ideas that you need to state to the people at your workplace, the upcoming week is right for it.

In your personal life, you should expect some difficulty with people from your past. It seems as if certain people will keep coming back, much to your annoyance. This situation will, however, lessen by the end of the week.



After the lull of professional activity typical for the past week, you will be happy to know that things will pick up the pace especially by the middle of the next week. You will have much more to do, and people will be less keen to drag you down with their own professional issues. Be careful of damage to your reputation, which might occur due to hearsay and speculation.

Your personal life will bring much-awaited change in the relationship between you and another person. The relationship will move to become more romantic in nature. This is to be seen from the change in the position of Venus.