I understand the purpose of fashion, being able to express yourself through a visual display of what you have on your body. Unique personal style is very much celebrated in today’s society. Every season there are always a handful of fashion trends that are introduced that make us shift our eyes to the person sitting next to us to ask “are they serious” while we secretly wish we could pull off such a bold and weird piece. But this season I find myself not asking someone “are they serious” but shouting “what the hell were they thinking?!” and NOT in any way wishing I could rock this particular look. What has spurned this particular display of shock and disgust? Well these conjoined cowboy boots of course:


I seriously can’t look at them for too long or else I start to feel nauseous. I understand that my reaction might be a tad dramatic but I am so offended by these stupid shoes. Who is the ‘genius’ who has decided to wreck havoc on our society by creating these shoes? Well it’s Hood By Air’s creative director Shayne Oliver. In news that should be surprising and weird but for some OBVIOUS reason it is not, the PornHub sponsored fashion show unveiled these ghastly shoes last week during NYFW.


Celebrity fans of the shoe include Rihanna (of course) and Kendrick Lamar (Kendrick why??). No word if Lady Gaga has bought one in every color yet. Rick Ross, Jessie Smollett from Empire, Naomi Campbell, Jaden Smith with girlfriend Sarah Snyder were some of the few who were on hand to witness the terror. It has not yet been stated if these shoes will be available to the public or if they were runway-only (let’s pray to baby cheeses that they are).