Everyone loves special music for the season, but Halloween/October tends to lack many of the songs that other Holiday seasons possess. The pumpkins turn to Jack O’Lanterns like the all of the other things of Earth transition. Summer transitions to Winter, Men to Wolves, the Dead to the Living, etc. So here are some different music types to help put you in the mood for a scary and haunting All Hallows’ Eve-


The Rock/Pop Category

  • The Monster- Eminem featuring Rhianna- A song about one’s inner demons
  • One Last Breath- Creed- A song about despair and suicidal contemplation


  •  Superstition- Stevie Wonder- Spooky music even though the artist is condemning superstition


  • Only After Dark- Def Leppard
  •  Purple People Eater- Sheb Wooley- An alien that eats purple people…The alien is not necessarily purple.
  •  Hurt- Johnny Cash- Overcoming drug addiction and struggling for the will to live. Originally a NIN song, Cash took it and made it a masterpiece.


  •  Highway to Hell- AC/DC
  •  Werewolves of London- Zevon


  •  The Monster MashBobby Picket & the Crypt Kickers
  •  Thriller- Michael Jackson


  •  Ghostbusters- Ray Parker Jr.




  •  The Theme from Halloween
  •  Toccata & Fugue in D Minor
  •  Night on Bald Mountain


  •  The Rite of Spring, Part 2- The Sacrifice
  •  Imperial March (Star Wars)


  •  Symphonie Fantastique, Op. 14: No. 5 Songe D’une nuit de sabbat



  •  I put a spell on you - Nina Simone


  • I Don’t Stand a Ghost of a Chance With You- Zoot Sims & Eddie Lockjaw Davis
  • Masquerade is Over- Nancy Wilson & Cannonball Adderley
  • Devil’s in My Den- Ahmad Jamal


  • Witchcraft- Patricia Barber


Celtic Music