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Hidden Colors In Your Hair: Fall’s Hot New Hair Trend

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Hidden Colors In Your Hair: Fall’s Hot New Hair Trend

Colored hair, colored tips, color ombré, we're all familiar with the different ways you can incorporate wild and beautiful colors into your hair. But have you heard of the “hidden rainbow” or hiding colors in your hair? Well this subtle yet bold look is one of Fall's hottest hair trends this year. If you've been looking to get a little crazy with your hair but aren't ready for the full unicorn hair look, hiding the colors might be the perfect way to make you feel like a badass while still looking like a very poised and presentable individual. It's just a cool way to add a little hidden spice into your life that you can display whenever you feel like it.

Be the rainbow 🌈 #hiddenrainbow #rainbowhair

A photo posted by Erika Mugglin (@mugglinstagram) on

Iniciando la semana con este #secretrainbowhair 🌈 en @soloparamunecas 😍✌💕💙💜

A photo posted by 😉✌💓 (@yolacote) on

#rainbowhair #dontcare #hiddenrainbow #underlights #rainbow #ilovemyhair #mylittlepony #tonywoodhair

A photo posted by Katie-Marie Dartmouth (@katiedartmouth) on

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