Watching movies at home has become so much more than it used to be. If you want the best experience possible, however, a solid home theater system can really make a big difference. Even a modest home theater system can provide everything you need, with plenty of available options. Choosing a home theater system may seem like a daunting process, but it really doesn’t take much to find one that perfectly suits your aesthetic.

Home Theater Audio

When it comes to sound, one of the best options available is to simply pick up a home theater starter kit. These are sometimes called home theaters in a box and make things very easy. Starter kits come with everything you need to get your stereos system up and running with minimal effort. They include your speakers, subwoofer and receiver, along with all of their corresponding cables. We do, however, recommend going wireless to avoid having to deal with cable management issues as they can be somewhat annoying.

To get a sense of what’s included in these home theater systems, be sure to take a look at our favorite home theater system, the Sonos 5.1 System. It has a wealth of customization options, along with top-notch sound quality, and is a hands-down winner. If you choose to build a custom home theatre system, it’s always a good idea to ensure that your system has surround sound. Also, be sure to check the frequency range to ensure the best possible output. Generally speaking, the greater the range the better off you’ll be.

TV & Video

Your TV is the next step and is a very important part of a home theater system. Again, there are a variety of options available and each fits a different niche. Making sure that your stereo system is compatible with your TV is always important.

For the best possible experience - and to stay ahead of the curve - a 4K TV is absolutely recommended these days. 4K Ultra HD offers an absolutely breathtaking image. The 4K refers, in this case, to the resolution of the image. A 4K TV offers a sharper and more realistic image with a much better resolution than the competition. These screens are pretty much unparalleled with regard to image quality and are an absolute must for every home theater.

Additionally, if you still want to watch your Blu Ray 3D-movies or take advantage of any other 3D service, you might also want to ensure that your screen is also 3D-capable. 3D TVs are slowly losing traction, as there are no new models available now, but those still on the market are still absolutely worth looking into

A home theater system is something that can really add to your movie experience. Full kits with everything you need included, such as the ones featured in this home theater buying guide, take all the hassle out of choosing parts without sacrificing sound quality. There are so many unique varieties to choose from that we’re sure everyone will be able to find something that suits them perfectly. Keep in mind that both good frequency range and surround sound will always be a benefit while adding a 4K or 3D TV to your setup you can help make watching movies at home a more immersive and enjoyable experience.