If you are SO over 2016 and ready for the new year, you’re not the only one. Here’s your 2017 horoscope.



You can expect some rather strong activity in your personal life at the start of the year, Aries. You will likely meet a lot of interesting people and new romantic developments are likely, especially during the month of March. The rest of the year will also bring activity but to a lower level. In August, you are likely to make a large step forward in your personal life with another person.

Professionally the year will be rather successful, but be careful of false promises being given to you especially during July. Some people might underestimate your understanding of your chosen professional field by promising something they can’t really deliver.



As the year progresses you will be more than willing to go further with your goals. Some important choices will have to be made in your personal life, but you will not hesitate too much. The middle of the year will bring a notable meeting with some person from your past. It is likely that this meeting will reinvigorate some feelings, and you will reminisce about past times.

You will also make improvements in terms of your career, but you might perceive your progress as being slow especially in the first half of the year. The autumn will bring more rapid progress, especially if you find a way to effectively communicate with other people.



The first two months of the next year will bring a notable amount of change in your professional life, given the position of Saturn. You will be aware of the need for these changes; however, some people will not offer you sympathy in regards to this. They might think that you have rocked the boat unnecessarily. The month of June will bring short-term but significant travel, which will increase your prospects for profit significantly.

As the position of Venus becomes more conducive towards social activity in the second half of 2017, it is expected for you to have most of the niceties in your personal life after June.



Given the rather unusual positions of Jupiter and Saturn, it expected for some experimentation to occur in your personal life. You will likely experience many new things, some of which will be far removed from your usual habits. This will be especially true during the summer when it is also likely that you will undertake a notable amount of traveling, given the position of Mercury.

In your professional life, you can expect for some notable changes to occur. You will be the initiator of these changes, and you will have a lot of support from the people that are around you. In short, the whole year will be one of significant change.



The year that comes will be rather static for your personal and romantic life. This is great news if you are already in a relationship. The year is also suitable for making large investments which are related to your personal life. Investing into property or a living place is also suitable especially if it occurs during the spring months. The late autumn will also bring good news in regard to your spiritual progress. It is as if you will learn a valuable lesson of some sort.

Your career will be characterized with some notable experimentation, and you might diversify your efforts into areas which are new to you especially in the late summer.



At last, you will have a truly relaxing year in which many things will go towards your liking. It seems as if you will get over your innate attention and preoccupation with details in order to enjoy the bigger things that await you this year. In February, the position of the Moon and Venus is such that new developments in your love life are likely.

Your career will move forward, but not to the level of your expectations especially during the mid part of the year. The ending of the year will bring notable progress, and you will be offered some form of an agreement which will offer some stability in regards to your current professional position.



In general, this year will be one of constant searching and reinvention in your personal life. You will be eager to experience new things and new sensations that you hadn’t had in the past. This will also change the type of people that you surround yourself with. Expect meeting some rather extraordinary characters but also experiencing some nasty temperaments too.

In your professional life things will be more conventional. A lot will be expected from you, but you will be able to cope with the amount of pressure that will be put on you. The autumn will bring some joining of forces, and it is possible that you make a business partnership with a person that is a close friend.



Personally you will feel as if things have turned back in time during the next year. You will be feeling as if the best of your youthful years has come back. This will not be simply a throwback to your past. In contrast, you will feel eager to relive some of your past times. Generally, your luck will be good, and you will have success in your romantic pursuits.

Your career will be characterized with rather sudden progress which is to occur in late spring. This will come suddenly, but you will be quick to make good use of the things that will happen rather unexpectedly.



The next year will bring you much social activity. You will be glad of these developments, but there is a possibility that you will feel tired of it all by the beginning of the summer. Afterwards you will feel the need for more introspection and soul searching. In your love life, things will be rather dynamic, but you need to be careful of sudden changes in your mood during the autumn, given the position of Mars.

Your personal life will bring good amount of joy and satisfaction, especially in relation to the recognition of your work. This will be especially true about late autumn this year.



The position of Saturn does suggest that you will be concerned with your personal legacy in the early part of the year. You might make some bold actions in terms of your personal life. You will have a message to send across which will make others finally stop criticizing you about some aspect of your personal life.

Career wise the next year will be brilliant. Much success is to be expected in your professional dealings. Earnings-wise the summer may be most productive as some things from the past will accumulate in the summer allowing for sudden increase in your profits and earnings.



Essentially things will be rather relaxing in your personal life. Given the positions of Mercury and Mars you will be in good standing with many people from your environment. Some misconception about you will have to be proven wrong by your own actions in May, 2017. The autumn is very suitable for making important moves in your personal life, so if have any major plans for the next year it will be the best if you realize them during the autumn months.

Career-wise things will be rather status quo aside from a notable business partnership that is about to occur in late spring.



The position of Venus suggests that a good amount of spiritual and personal progress will be made during this year. Many things will be happening one after the other in a rather peculiar manner. Destiny at work or not, it will make you think about what lies beyond your current understanding of your environment. Romantically, it is likely that things will progress with a person from your past.

The professional life will be marred with difficulty but only during the first three months of the year. Afterwards, the positions of Jupiter and Saturn are more suitable for professional success and progress which may peak during the month of July.