If you didn’t pay any attention to the 2016 Paralympics, you missed out!

Given the relatively low coverage of the Paralympic Games, you may have thought that the excitement in Rio ended at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games, but that definitely was not the case. Not only were the Paralympic Games thrilling in their own right, there were even Paralympic athletes who beat times set by their Olympic counterparts.

Algeria’s Abdellatif Baka won gold for the men’s 1500m T13 sprint event at 3 minutes and 48.29 seconds. At the Olympic Games, gold medalist Matthew Centrowitz’s clocked in at 3 minutes and 50 seconds. Baka wasn’t the only one to beat this record. He, along with the three runners who placed after after him, would all have beaten the Olympic gold medalist had they participated in the Olympic Games for this event.

The T13 classification is for runners who are legally blind, but are less visually impaired than T11 and T12 runners.

If you missed the race, you can catch the replay below: