What if your sunglasses were also your headphones?

Zungle, the Los Angeles startup, offers bluetooth sunglasses with built-in bone conduction speaker and noise canceling microphone. Bone conduction means your ears are open to hear your surrounding.

The users can make phone calls and listen to music with their smartphone through Bluetooth, but no one except the user cans hear the sounds. To other people they will look the same as regular sunglasses. Pretty amazing!

One of the main issues that the creators had to solve was the design. Sunglasses are fashion items and people do care about how they look. And Zungle did it. If you are looking for a goofy look and Oakley Frogskins size photochromic lenses you will surely like these sunglasses.

Zungle has secured over $1.2 million on Kickstarter and is expected to start delivering sunglasses in November 2016 worldwide.