The Mozeat lens fisheye, with 0.67 wide angles, an amazing three in one lens camera kit for the Apple smartphones which is crafted to suffice all your various needs. It also comprises of a 10x macro lens for iPhone users and proves to be the perfect option for group pictures as well as self-timer pictures.

Let’s check out some of its mind bashing specifications and also the benefits which it gives to its users.

The main specifications

Simply transform your smartphone into a DSLR camera courtesy the Mozeat fish eye wide angle lens and explore the beauty around you. The fish eye lens enables you to look silly as well as cool owing to the fish eye effect. The macro lens which has 10X zoom enables you to take extreme close up shots. And as for the wide angle feature, you will be able to cover a wide area thereby increasing your image circle. This 3-in one lens set is state of the art and captures every image with total precision. It will appear as if you are looking at the same thing.


This 3-in one lens set comprises of a host of other specifications
  • This 3-in one lens set is detachable for mobile phones. It comprises of a movable design and a premium microfiber for cleaning the lens surface. You will also get a bag for carriage.
  • The pictures and the image footage will be clarity filled. These lenses have been professionally engineered for all kinds of footage shooting. Whether you want a great timer self-pic or a group image, or whether you want for sports, travel, party or for that matter even macro photography, this 3-in one lens set is the option to go by.
  • The lens comprises an advanced professional HD glass to reduce the glares as well as the reflections, and that makes way for clear to clear images
  • These lenses comprise of a soft removable clamp design which enables makes it function on most mobile phones.
  • The dimension of the unit is 3.1x 1.1x 3.7 inches.
  • The weight of the unit is 1.6 ounces
  • On purchase, you also get an 18-month warranty.
The advantages of the unit
  • The quality of the pictures, as well as the images, is simply mind-blowing
  • The lenses are extremely easy to use
  • There will be no occurrences of any kinds of dark circles.
  • The macro lens makes way for taking close shots of very small objects
  • Is compatible with all smartphones namely Apple, HTC, iPhone, Samsung, etc.
  • The fish screen eye image enables taking wide, hemispherical shots without any occurrences of any dark spots.
  • The lens is also perfect for zooming in on objects in low light regions

However, there are some disadvantages associated with this 3-in one lens set.

  • Some have stated that the big lens was poorly constructed
  • Some have also reported that the lens fell apart.
Final say

This 3-in one lens set is good value for your expensed money. The image and video footage quality are great. There are some issues with these lenses whatever is on offer is pretty good. So you can try it out once.

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