Still not getting away from the improvisatory mood of the previous week, you will be very active in your professional life. People will simply demand work to be done from you with little regard for your need to rest. Your naturally great energy level will however get you through, and you might be seen as being much more necessary at your workplace. The end of the week will also bring about some sort of resolution regarding a long standing conflict that is present in your professional life.

Your personal life will bring challenges also but not the levels which will be seen in the professional life. You will also have good amount of support stemming from your group of friends.



The rather odd but useful occurrences in your professional life in the previous week will diminish during this one, and you will find yourself again thrown into the normality of your workplace. Things will be more relaxed, and it’s likely that you will have the energy to again start with some side projects which were in the focus of your attention in the past.

In your personal life, things will be more uneasy for you as you will feel a lot pressure being put on you. You might be accused of being uninterested in some commitment in some rather unfair manner. You will still have the support from your closest relatives however.



Being strongly under the influence of the positive happenings in your professional life in the past week, you will be willing to enter into new arrangements and make significant changes in your workplace. People will be mostly approving of these changes, and you will have support from the people that matter to you most. Generally, you are in for one of the best working weeks of the year so far.

In line with the happenings of your professional life, your personal life will bring positive changes especially in the way people perceive your actions. You will be seen in a fairer light without people’s perception being colored with prejudice.



Your professional life will bring notable changes in the next week, judging by the peculiar position of Saturn. You will be aware of things needed to be changed, and you will accept the outcomes. Your work will also be more valued, and it’s likely that this will be reflected in a financial manner. Having a raise or some increase in your earnings related to your professional life is likely.

Your personal life will be most notable for the spiritual progress that you will make during the next week. This will occur in a rather fast manner, as you will be thrown in a way into thinking about spiritual concepts and their significance to your life and the happenings in it.



Still working actively on the promotion of your work, you will be thrilled to know that your efforts are succeeding. It is likely that more people will be interested in your work, but you will also get some rather unrealistic offers which you should brush off. The ending of the week also should bring about a sudden occurrence which will push you into the view of the public, in regards to your work.

In the next week, things will slow down in your personal life which will be welcomed by you. This will allow you more time and energy to continue forward with your professional commitments.



Things will be rather positive in your professional life. There will be a flurry of activities, which may even push the limit of your energy levels. Nevertheless you will feel motivated to continue. The whole period will be one of notable importance for your professional life. Due to this, you should give it all you got in terms of work projects.

Given the level of activity that will happen in your professional life, you will have little time and energy left for your personal life. Despite this, you will have the chance to meet a very interesting person in middle of the week. Given the position of Mercury, a long lasting friendship with them is likely.



Full of energy from the previous week, you will start the week very enthusiastic about your professional life. Be careful however of having a bit to great hopes for being understood by your work colleagues. It will be best for you to keep your ideas to yourself and only present them to your superiors skipping the opinion of your work colleagues.

Your personal life will be notable for the feelings of strong longing for the happenings in your past. You might even be predominantly in a nostalgic mood. The end of the week will also bring short but notable travel that will be undertaken due to personal reasons.



In your professional life, you will still be in the experimental mood that was typical in the previous week. People might even get used to this so much that it might become a trademark of yours in a way. Superiors at you workplace like rarely before, will have understanding for your enthusiasm. You should try to make the best of this as this period is unlikely to repeat itself soon.

Personally you will find that people will be less understanding of your experimental attitudes. They will not be mean however. You should simply be ready for them to be less understanding than you had hoped for them to be.



As the position of Jupiter changes you will see less activity in your professional life. This will be rather welcomed as even with your naturally energetic attitude you will feel the need for rest. The middle of the week will bring about a change in your approach towards solving some sort of a problem. This change will be successful.

Your personal life will be rather satisfying, and you will be rather happy about what goes on in it. Those around you will be very understanding, and it is also possible that new romantic developments will develop, given the position of Venus.



As your enthusiasm for following unconventional paths will slow down, you will be looking for more conservative approaches in your professional life. Given the position of Jupiter, it may be wise to look into the possibility of making some long-term investments. Just stick to your usual conservatism, and don’t fall for overly optimistic promises.

As the position of the moon changes during the next week, events that will cause strong emotions related to your social life are likely. It is also likely that there is a secret that is going to be revealed to you.



Still being seen in a good light in your professional life, it may be a good time to try to advance with your career goals. If you have ideas about making progress in your professional position, the following week could be the optimal time for putting them into practice. Don’t be shy of making demands and making your intentions known.

As the position of Venus is still very influential, it can be noted that increase in the activity in your romantic life is likely. The middle of week will show that your feelings about a person from your past were right. You will likely find evidence for the suspicions that you had about them in the past.



The level of professional activity will lessen, and the demands that will be placed on you will ease. You should not relax completely however as you will still be under supervision in a sense. It seems as if a lot of people will be interested in the methods of your work. The end of week may bring about a signing of some legal document that will expand the possibilities for professional advancement.

Your personal life will bring a lot of activity as evidenced by the positions of the Moon, and the position of Mercury. Some travel is likely to occur, and it expand your views and approach towards common, everyday tasks.