The next week will bring increased level of activities in your professional life and career. It is very likely that you will be called on to lead a team of people in way toward some goal in your workplace. You will glad that you were chosen for this but also somewhat apprehensive as you will have a great deal of responsibility. Early in week you will also be presented with an investment opportunity.

In your personal life you will be glad to know that someone will regain trust in your actions once more. You will be judged in a more balanced manner.



Finally all of the people in your work environment will be convinced in the effectiveness of your methods. You will be pleased with this development, however the expected rewards for your inventiveness will not occur in the timeframe you had hoped for. You will have to wait just a little bit more, given the position of Jupiter.

The stress in your personal life from the previous week will ease, and you will find ways to make things less stressful. The middle of the week will bring notable information in regards to a dear person. You will be glad about things getting clear with this person.



Dealing with the challenging situations in your professional life will leave you filled with confidence. This will furthermore be boosted by the apparent irreplaceable nature of the work you will be doing. The end of the week will also bring some legal victory in a way that will be broadly connected with the professional life and career.

Your personal life will bring notable success in the way of you presenting some ideas about your spirituality to a wider circle of people. You will get a notable amount of admirers due to this. However some might simply criticize your positions, especially those people coming from a more traditional background.



After the investment happy times of the previous week this you will be more conservative in measuring your chances. You will moderate your spending, and you will assume more realistic and safer positions at your work place. The middle of the week will also be notable for a person of your past emerging again in your professional life. They will appear rather suddenly but will bring positive energy to your professional life.

Not being tired by the moderate levels of activity in your professional life, you will be looking for an outlet for your energy in your personal life. You will likely try take a more of a leadership role in your social relations, especially in the latter part of the week.



The many demands which were required from you in the past will be slowly replaced with a more normal schedule in your professional life. You will find enjoyment in the long awaited normal environment, being glad that you can relax and plan your steps for the future. In the middle of the week you will be invited to a notable event which will increase your professional prospects significantly.

The next week in your personal life will be in the spirit of meeting new faces and new people. It’s likely that an acquaintance of yours will do their best to introduce you to many new and interesting people.



The following week will bring about a notable interest in your work ,and it’s not surprising that you will feel honored by this. Especially important will be the rise in standing in comparison to the previous week. People will feel eager to see more of you, and it’s likely that you will get new job offers or business propositions.

The progress in your professional life will bring a notable desire for exploring your inner processes. You will be keen on expanding upon your knowledge of spirituality, and you will likely seek ways to increase your inner awareness. This is shown by the positions of Saturn and Mercury.



Despite discouraging remarks from the people in your environment, you will be more than glad to move forwards with your plans in your professional life. You will be of great value to superiors at your work place, so they will likely consider you to be more capable than what they have thought of you in the past. The ending of the week will also bring some notable discovery related to your work place and work purpose which will be quite surprising to you.

Your personal life will bring notable optimism, as you will be seen in a rather different, more charming light by a dear friend of yours.



The following week will bring a notable easing of the pressure you were experiencing in your work environment. You will welcome this. The middle of the week will also lead to a new business arrangement which will increase your professional standing. You will be selected for something among many other people from your professional field of work.

Given the position of Venus it is likely that your personal life will bring notable activity. Meeting a person that will interest you in a romantic manner is also likely. This will leave you with a notable mood of nostalgia, as you will be in a way reliving your youth.



The positive results brought on by the work in the previous week will come to prominence during this week also. You will be given good remarks about your work, especially about its timely and speedy character. Your week will likely end with a feeling of good progress in your professional standing. This can be seen as a base that you will use to move forward in your career.

The good satisfaction brought on by the successful professional work will leave you looking for new activities in your personal life. If you plan on making a short trip, the following week is very suitable as it promises a good, well-spent time.



The momentum of the previous week will still be felt in your professional life. You will be in a more experimental mood however given the position of Mercury and Jupiter. Keen on experimenting, you will look for new, innovative ways to increase both your profits and standing in the professional life. You will likely be successful but this might not be obvious immediately.

Somewhat tired from the happenings in the previous week, you will look for less activity and more relaxation in your personal life. Support from other people will be welcomed by you, especially if it relates to your career and professional dealings.



As the week begins, there will be less activity in your professional life though things will pick up pace by the middle of the week. You will have demands of repeating some success from the past by your superiors. This will bring some stress upon you as you may not be as confident in your abilities, but allow the stress to serve as a motivator.

This week will bring a multitude of social activities and opportunities to meet new people, judging by the positions of the Moon and Mercury. Many of the people you will meet will have a similar personality to yours which will put you in a mood of full amazement.



The next week will bring a continued success in regards to the professional life. The professional standing especially is about to increase which will bring you a notable increase in your reputation. The end of the week will bring a notable business proposal that you should not brush off immediately but rather to think about its promises more carefully.

In your personal life, things will be calm and still rather supportive in relation to your professional endeavors. Your interpersonal experience with another person is likely to move to the next level as you will truly understand their intentions. Their honesty and genuine qualities will impress you like rarely had happened before.