The travels that were the hallmark of the previous week in the professional life will subside and you will again settle. You will more the happy to realize that your past efforts are paying off much faster that you have thought possible. The middle of the week will bring a notable excursion from the routine. This will bring more diversity and will generally spare you for the filling of boredom.

The personal life will bring a notable amount of excitement and you will be glad to know that things are getting somewhat easier concerning another close person in your life. You will have a number of questions for this person but not all of them will be answered.



As people will become more curious about the nature of your professional tasks you will find that being secretive about them is contra productive. You will feel obliged to tell the people around you that there is nothing nefarious in your professional work nor you are ‘having it easy’ by choosing to do the work.

In the personal life judging from the position of the Venus you will likely find yourself at the start of another interesting adventure. The middle of the week will also bring about the solving of some long standing misunderstanding between you and another person from your past.



As the position of Mercury becomes more suitable you will have a notably successful business and work related travels in the next week. This will be rather satisfying for you as you will be doing things in which you are innately good. The end of the week will bring about the conclusion of some informal arrangement which made things work for a long time at the workplace.

The next week will bring a lot of changes in your personal life. Things will be rather dynamic and you will be glad to know that people will finally ‘get’ your recent actions as well as your plans for the future.



The stability in the professional life which characterized the past week will repeat itself in the next one. You will find that your initiatives for change will not be readily accepted as everyone will seem to be a bit too comfortable with stability of recent times. The end of the week will however bring a notable, but slow exit from this stalemate at your workplace. This is shown by the change of the position of Saturn and Jupiter.

The personal life will be far more dynamic than in the past week and you will so glad for this. Your mood will be in an adventurist mode and will be eager for experiencing new stuff.



As Jupiter moves in a more suitable position it can be said that you will finally be able to state your ideas and have them heard over. Your professional position will be challenged but you will deal with this gracefully. Your ideas and new concepts will be a counter balance to the challenge. You will still be seen as very worthy in your working environment.

In the personal life it can be said that things will move and speed up in contrast to the previous week. You will be eager to solve some issue and solve it soon. Personally your natural communication abilities will do an admirable work towards pursuing your interests.



The newly discovered aspects from the introspection of the past week will be put into practice. Expect some surprising reactions from the people that surround you. You will seem to be a rather changed in their eyes. The professional life will be filled with issues that will come from the closest surroundings. You will be rather adept at solving them but by the end of the week you might feel a bit tired.

In the week that follows the personal life will be somewhat sidelined given the volume of professional activities that you will have. Nevertheless the position of Venus does suggest pleasant experiences with people that you have just met.



Still feeling quite positive due to the pleasant happenings in the professional life in the past week you will feel eager to move on with the challenges that lay in front of you. The middle of the week will also bring a notable travel which will expand your views on the current issues that you face in the professional life and career in general.

The personal life will be characterized with less activity in comparison with the previous week. You will readily welcome this as it will bring a notable relaxation. The end of this week will also leave feeling rather energetic given the position Mars assumes.



People will be more receptive of your efforts at your workplace. Even with your natural charm being not included the true value of your work will be again appreciated. Your energy level however might be getting somewhat low and you might feel as if you are fighting a losing battle. Despite this towards the end of the week you will experience and rather encouraging event which will boost your energy levels.

Things in the personal life will be relaxing and you will be glad to find the support for your professional endeavors in people that are very dear, close friends of yours. The ending of the week will also include a surprising event that will be organized by your friends in your honor.



After the changing nature of the professional life in the past week things will be more sedate in the next one. You will have a lot time to reconsider your future moves as things will be very static at your workplace bordering on boredom. Nevertheless you will still be regarded as the person to go to for solving a problem at the workplace towards the end of the working week.

In the personal life the innate social skills that you posses will be put to good use as you will be meeting a lot of new faces. New developments in the romantic domain are also likely given the position of Venus.



The business from the previous week will still be visible during this one but you should expect easing of the level of your commitments. You are still under watch in way from important people at your workplace so do your best and result will come. Your work colleagues will be very supportive and you can expect great cooperation from them.

The personal life will bring rediscoveries from the past but only to certain degree. You don’t want to go too deep anyway. Romantically, things are looking positive especially given the position of Venus and how it changes during the next week.



In contrast to the previous week things will dwindle down in the professional life. It is as if people will finally realize that you need rest from your tasks. Quite taken by the relaxing mood at your work place you will use your spared energy into finding new arrangements which will work for you on the long run in the professional life.

In contrast to the previous week things in the personal life will intensify and you will likely travel a lot for personal reasons and leisure. You will also be asked for a big favor by a person who is not a close friend towards the end of the week.



Despite discouraging remarks from the people in your environment you will be more than glad to move forwards with your plans in the professional life. You will be of great value to superiors at your work place so they will likely consider you to be more capable than what they have thought of you in the past. The ending of the week will also bring some notable discovery related to your work place and work purpose which will be quite surprising to you.

The personal life will being notable optimism as you will be seen in a rather different, more charming light by a dear figure of yours.