Due to the previous positions of Jupiter and Saturn slowly changing, you will have a somewhat more challenging week ahead. This will be especially notable in the tasks you will be given to manage and deal with. You will feel a lot of pressure yet you will likely deal with all of it in an elegant manner. This will not go unnoticed so its likely that you will be getting some sort of a benefit in terms of your earnings and pay.

Your personal life will bring about the solution of a small, but long standing misunderstanding between you and another person.



The professional life will be characterized with a lot of up and down swings in the upcoming week. You will be yearning for stability however the changing times will be shortly over. The end of them will also signify a rather notable change at your workplace which will bring whole new set of rules for work. This process will be almost complete by the end of the week.

The personal life will bring a lot support and this will mean a lot to you given the rather unstable situation at your workplace. The position of Venus also suggests that you again become more attached to pastimes long gone.



Due to the positions of Jupiter and Saturn you will likely find yourself challenged in your workplace by new and rather unusual tasks that will put upon you. This will also force you in way into cooperation with other people as they will allow you to use their services. The whole thing however will be seen in positive light by the management at your workplace.

The active times in the past week in the personal life will not repeat themselves in the upcoming one. You will be bogged down with the happenings at your workplace and you will have little energy to start new things in the personal life.



The steady progress towards your professional goals will bring notable satisfaction in your professional life. Your work colleagues will rather understanding of your drive towards professional success. It is not surprising if the upcoming week will be one of the more exiting in this year as your goals will seem so worthy of your work and effort.

The personal life will bring easement of the pressure that was typical in the previous week. People will seem to be more understanding and less judging of you and your actions. Eventually the end of the week will bring a notable but rather temporary bridging of your personal and professional lives.



Feeling as if you are making career history you will give everything that you have in terms of energy and commitment. The position of Saturn is such that every extra effort that you will make will be valued by your professional environment. You should make the most of this and try to ‘push through’ any extra ideas and projects that you might have in addition to your regular professional tasks.

As you will be rather busy in the professional life you will seek support and understanding from the people you care about. You will get this support most of the time however be careful of people seeing you as a bit of a workaholic.



In the professional life the following week will bring notable recognition in relation to an effort you had done in the recent past. The next week will be the time for you to shine in the professional life. Make best of the occurrences that will unfold and try to promote your work as best you could.

The pleasant happenings in the professional life will boost your mood in the personal life. This will be noticed by the people around you and you might get some odd question regarding your new found zeal. This will be especially prominent towards the end of the week due to the position of Mercury.



The position of Jupiter is such that things in your professional life will be moving a great pace. You will present, spread and even invent new ideas which will bring you success and recognition. Expect warm reception of your ideas and concepts as the position of Mercury is positive for such things. This is especially true for the latter part of the week.

The personal life and the happenings in it will be somewhat sidelined given the sheer level of activity which will be happening in your professional life and career. Despite this you will be eager to progress the relationship with some person to the next level.



Quite free from the pressure characteristic for the past times in the professional life you will be feeling rather pleased to being doing your chores. The position of Mercury and Jupiter is peculiar and suggests good success professionally through inventiveness and unconventional ideas. If you have some rather ‘outside the box’ ideas concerning your professional life, now is the time to put them into practice.

You will feel eager to expand your understanding of the social processes that seem to occur around on a daily basis. You might find out what really makes people around tick, their strengths and weakness in rather enlightening way.



A sense of freedom will characterize the next week in relation to your professional life. You will be rather pleased to be free to make any new arrangements you see fit. There is also a notable reinvention and relearning process that will occur. You will see that your past ways weren’t always effective at getting what you had wanted. Instead arm with your new conclusions you will have eager to try the new rules in practice.

Personally you will be rather proud of you activities that had occurred long in the past. You will find out that you activities had unwittingly helped others in a rather great way.



As things will still be in the positive light from the previous week it can be said that you are in for pleasant period in your career. Your work and effort will be recognized and rightly so. No one will be able to deny this and you will likely fill a bright page in your resume. The end of the week will also bring good financial dealings which will prove their worth on a longer term basis.

Personally you will be glad to have the freedom you had longed for. At last, the week that follows will bring you truly great times in terms of relaxation and rest.



The time will still be right for putting large scale plans into motion in your professional life. Things will be easy, smooth and they will leave you with a nice mood of optimism about your future prospects. You should not be however held back by other people’s remarks as the time is right for listening to your heart. The end of the week will also bring about confirmation of your optimistic feelings. You will know that you are on the right track.

Personally you will be glad to know that many people will be happy with your new found optimism. You will enjoy the support.



As far as the professional life goes you will be filled with notable requests for your services. You might even be surprised by the sheer amount of interest in your work. The middle of the week will bring about a notable change in the sense of people finally realizing that what you do is rather worthy and you might be even offered an increase in your paying.

The personal life will bring more calm than in the previous week and you will be happy to know that there is ample time for you to rest and recharge yourself with energy. The week will also bring notable interests in spirituality and you might try to increase your knowledge and experience in that direction.