The rather smooth and easy times in your professional life will be suddenly changed by the arrival of new set of rules and ways of doing things at your workplace. This will be evident by the middle of the week though your adaptation to these new developments will be rapid and uneventful.

The personal life will be more characterized with your new found appreciation of an aspect which you had resented before. This will be a rather notable change which will be easily visible to all people that are around you. The end of the week will bring about some settling of some small issue between you and a relative of yours.



The week that follows will leave you in a rather strong feeling of completeness of the work you are doing at your workplace. The tasks in front of you will be rather mundane but nevertheless you will strive to the work the best you possibly could. The middle of the week will also bring a notable excursion of the usual and established routine. This excursion will require you to be more inventive and experimental in your approach.

In the following week the personal life will bring more pleasant experiences than in the past one. The misunderstandings from the previous week will be solved and the will not bother you anymore.



Things in the professional life will bring steady but significant progress towards your goals. The support from the people that matter at your workplace will still be there and you will enjoy knowing this. Be careful some people being envious of your apparent success and drive towards higher career positions. This is to be seen from the position of Mars and Saturn which is notable especially during the start of the week.

Personally you will be strongly convinced in the rightness of your ways and you might even be unapologetic. Romantically things will be rather positive as there is a strong opportunity for meeting new interesting people.



The newly discovered aspects from the introspection of the past week will be put into practice. Expect some surprising reactions from the people that surround you. You will seem to be a rather changed in their eyes. The professional life will be filled with issues that will come from the closest surroundings. You will be rather adept at solving them but by the end of the week you might feel a bit tired.

In the week that follows the personal life will be somewhat sidelined given the volume of professional activities that you will have. Nevertheless the position of Venus does suggest pleasant experiences with people that you have just met.



The somewhat easy start of the week will become more complicated as your professional tasks will ever expanding into areas which are not your expertise. This will leave you frustrated but nevertheless you will try to do your tasks in the best way you can. Your professional reputation will only grow as result of your ‘versatility’ in the eyes of your management.

In the personal life things will remain rather dynamic and you will be putting your naturally high levels of energy to good use. Your ideas will be however well received and you might be asked for guidance by other people.



The very start of the next week will be characterized with rather hectic happenings at your workplace judging by the position of Jupiter and Saturn. You will be rather stressed though you will adapt rather quickly. Eventually the expected amount of support will come from your work colleagues and things will become much easier afterwards. You extra workload will however pay off for you financially.

In a rather stark difference from the professional life the happenings in the personal life will be rather pleasant and stress free. The position of Venus does also suggest that you will have the much needed support from your loved ones.



The next week will bring a very notable increase in the demand for your work and you will find this to be a rather daunting. Nevertheless you will be able do your tasks admirably and generally your energy levels will remain high. The position of Saturn also does suggest that some legal aspect of your work will also be resolved in a permanent manner which will leave little room for doubts in your mind.

The personal life will be filled with adventures and meeting of new people. You are likely to meet people a lot like you, with similar views which open the possibility for further pursuing your relationship with them.



In contrast to the previous week, the pressure at your workplace will diminish. You will have more freedom to pursue your ideas and generally less strictness to follow the established protocol in terms of your work methods. If you have any ideas about making the next big step in your career then the next week is the right time for putting them into practice.

In the personal life, things will be rather pleasant but you will be forced to explain your recent actions to person that you feel to be very close and dear to you. This will however change your thinking about that person.



The normal level of expectations and work your professional life will continue into the next week. You will find that this situation bores you a little and you might yearn for more dynamism. The middle of the week will bring some notable realignment at the forces at play in your workplace. This will bring more dynamic happenings by the end of the week.

Still preoccupied with the happenings of the past week, you will be entertained by the new faces you had met recently. The personal life will also bring a notable travel which will leave in rather positive mood about the future relationship between you and another person you had recently met.



In the personal life people be able to leave you enough room for maneuvering and you will glad to know that you ideas will be accepted and taken seriously. This is to be seen from the rather unusual position of Jupiter. The end of the week judging from the position of Mercury will bring a rather fruitful work related travel.

The personal life will bring a notably pleasant series of events which will culminate with a travel with a close person. This travel will allow you to realize the strong similarity between you and the other person.



The start of the next week will bring new challenges in your professional life. Essentially people will ask you for an explanation about your recent actions despite you thinking that everything was clear and known to everyone around you. The end of the week will bring more positive and productive times at your workplace due to the shifting position of both Saturn and Mercury.

The personal life will be more oriented towards knowing your environment and you might be interested into finding out the forces at play in the social environment that surrounds you. This will be especially prominent towards the middle of the week.



The position of Mercury suggests that you will have a lot of freedom in your professional life during the upcoming week. This will allow you to put your ideas forward without them being simply brushed off without being properly considered. The next week will also be the right time for making long term financial investments related to your professional life.

As the position of Venus changes the next week will bring a lot of adventures in your personal life. You might meet a person that will interest you strongly and the start of a long term romantic relationship might occur.