Ice cream is a fixture during a lot of life’s moments. It’s there when we are celebrating an event, it’s there to comfort us in our saddest moments, it’s even sometimes there during the process of getting to know that special someone. So how would you feel if instead of your usual order of Cookies & Cream you only have the choice of Garlic Ice Cream. Here are 7 ice cream flavors that you might have never heard of.

  1. Pear & Blue Cheese, Salt & Straw, Portland, Oregon


2. Sriracha Peach Ice Cream, Mason’s Creamery, Cleveland, Ohio


3. Basil With BlackBerry Swirl Ice Cream, High Point Creamery, Denver, Colorado


4. Black Olive Brittle & Goat Cheese Ice Cream, Salt & Straw, California


5. Sweet Corn Ice Cream, Sweet Republic, Scottsdale, Arizona


6. Vegan Jalapeno Lime Ice Cream, Sweet Action Ice Cream, Scottsdale, Arizona


7. Salt & Pepper Ice Cream, Humphry Slocombe, San Francisco