Still fully in the spirit of change in your professional life, you will be eager to try new ways to reach your goals. In contrast to the previous week, you will have more or less a free road ahead of you in terms of the choices you can make in your professional life. The end of the week will also bring a sudden change in the responsibilities at your workplace.

As Venus is getting in a very suitable position by the end of the week, you will have rather good romantic opportunities coming your way this week.



The rather slow pace in your professional life will continue in the next week also. This might seem like bad news to you, but you could use a bit of a break. However, this slower place will also give you the opportunity to step forward with your boldest ideas and concepts and move things up in terms of your career.

The positions of the moon and of Venus suggest that your personal life will bring a great number of social activities. This is also a sign of new friendships being made by you, especially towards the middle of the week.



In comparison to the previous week, people will be more supportive and less critical of your work in your professional life. This can be seen from the more favorable positions of both Mercury and Saturn. The week will also bring notable team success at your workplace. You, in particular, will be a significant part of the team.

Your personal life will bring less activity in terms of traveling, however, you will still be rather joyful for being part of the number of social activities that will be a part of. You will feel engaged, and the opinions that you will state will be respected like rarely before.



In contrast to the high level of activity from the previous week, you will have fewer tasks assigned to you during this week. People around you will seem to be eager to help you in a manner which is rather unusual, considering your past experiences with them. Despite this, you will rather appreciate their change of heart, as you will adapt to it rather quickly.

There will be more happenings in your personal life in the next week, and you will in a way escape from the sense of boredom that was typical for the past week. Expect some rather unexpected guests by the end of the week.



This week will bring mostly pleasant experiences in your professional life. Your work feel like you’re being valued like never before, and you will be glad to know that this may be translated into an increase in your pay. The rather static positions when your personal income is concerned seems likely to change in more positive manner, given the position of Jupiter.

Feelings of rediscovery will be the hallmark of your personal life during the week. You might start to look in a different way in regards to dealings with issues from your past. You might indeed find new solutions while being eager to put them into practice.


virgo-watercolor-600x600Your professional life will bring more surprises. People will not seem to be strongly compelled to follow your ideas at your workplace. Despite this, by using your natural diplomatic and communication skills, you will be able to turn around your fortunes by the end of the week. The very end of the week will require you to complete a rather complex and long term project which will increase your earnings.

In your personal life, expect more understanding and less judgment from the people around you regarding big life decisions.



Things will slowly come to the usual level of activity in your professional life. You will again be tasked with the usual things to the point of boredom. You however should be careful of being a bit too impatient, judging by the position that Mars. Your patience will be strongly rewarded, and this will be evident to you in a short period of time.

On a personal level, things will be rather dynamic. You will be asked for many things from many people. You should try to do your best, but please keep in mind that you should not stress yourself unnecessarily.



The change of the position of Saturn will bring more activity in your professional life in contrast to previous week, and it can be said that you will be rather busy trying to be up to the level of your management expectations. This will be especially prominent near the end of the week due to the ever stronger influence of the position of Jupiter.

Things in your personal life will be more dynamic in comparison to the previous week. You will be thrilled to understand a mystery about another person that has puzzled you for a long time. The position of Jupiter also does suggest some increase in your thoughts about spirituality.



Things will slow down in your professional life as you will have few interesting tasks assigned to you. You will still be tasked with mundane chores which will not bring about pleasant feelings in you. The very end of the week will however bring about a change, which is to be seen from the position of Saturn and its change towards the end of the week. This change will bring potential for greater earnings related to your professional life also.

In contrast to the happenings in your professional life, your personal life will be very dynamic to the point of you wishing for more calm and less fanfare.



In comparison to the previous week, the level of activity in your professional life will drop. You will welcome this especially when you will realize that this will not bring lessening of your earnings. Due to the position of Saturn, it is also likely that you will have to make a large decision during the next week. The decision will be rather important, but it will have to be made in a rapid manner.

Your personal life will bring more understanding from your environment, especially about recent changes in your lifestyle. The romantic aspect of a particular relationship will be emphasized also.



Your professional life will be still characterized with rather low level of activities, especially in the first part of the week. The ending of the week however will require a lot from you as well as the people around you, so the collective mood will become more exhausted and more stressed. Despite this, a notable professional goal will be achieved by you during the next week.

Your personal life will bring rather novel experiences and meetings with other people which will leave a lasting impression on you. This can be seen by the rather unique positions of the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter.



The next week will bring a moderate level of professional activity which will leave you with a sense of notable achievement despite the moderate level of activity. The middle of the week will bring some notable legal challenge to your work, which will be solved rather quickly. This may get you in a bad mood for a period of time.

In your personal life, you are likely to do a lot of traveling for leisure reasons. This is shown by the position of Mercury. The travels will also bring a notable, positive influence on your mood also.